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The ski resort in Scandinavia with highest probability of snow

Vemdalen - Björnrike is a ski resort for the whole family, 48 kilometers from Stockholm and 49 kilometers from Oslo, which can easily be reached by either plane, train, bus or car. Vemdalen has an inland climate with moderate fluctuations. Accompanied by consistently high amounts of snow, this makes Vemdalen a first choice, both for families and explorers.

The joys of skiing in snowy Vemdalen

Winters with plenty of snow, modern ski lifts and a variety of skiing opportunities result in the fact that that Vemdalen’s visitors return year after year. In the valley’s three skiing areas there’s several downhill slopes with impressive heights and varied degrees of difficulty. This is a place where everyone who likes to ski will find what they’re looking for, feel at home and last, but not least, have a strong desire to return. Time after time.

Snowy surroundings

Thanks to the height above sea-level, combined with an even inland climate, Vemdalen is Scandinavia’s safest bet when it comes to snow forecasts, which often leads to an early start to the season.

Modern ski lifts in three areas

Over the course of the last few seasons, Vemdalen ski resort has grown with a 6-seater ski lift and several new slopes. The Vemdalen SkiPass is valid in all the three skiing areas, with no extra charge. There’s something here for everyone who enjoys skiing.

Quiet day in the kids slopes or a challenging off-pist?

You can choose between spending the day in the family oriented Björnrike or Storhogna, in the challenging black slopes of Klövsjö, or in Vemdalsskalet. Here you can combine skiing in both comfortable and steep courses with a wide variety of stores, boutiques and entertainment.

Quick facts



Östersund: 120 km
Sundsvall: 220 km
Stockholm: 480 km
Göteborg: 650 km
Malmö: 900 km
Oslo: 499 km


Åre Östersund Airport
Härjedalen Sveg Airport
Hedlanda Flygplats

Direct trains

from Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö to Östersund and to Vemdalen/Röjan.


Härjedalingen trains the Stockholm-Vemdalen route by bus.


Within 40 kilometers of Vemdalen there are three ski areas with lifts and slopes: Björnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö / Storhogna.


Total: 35

Build lifts: 10

Button lifts: 19

Seat lifts: 6

Roller belt: 5


Total: 58

Green: 19 (very easy)

Blue: 13 (easy)

Red: 15 (mediumhard)

Black: 11 (hard)

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