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Traditional craftsmanship, modern amenities

With appealing, sustainable solutions, plus top of the line design and craftsmanship, we’re creating a unique and hospitable mountain community for the future.

Walls and ceilings are built using natural, beautiful and resilient wood. The floors in the living room and bedrooms are made of a golden pine that brightens up in the winter darkness and reflect the shimmering flames of the fireplace.

The floors in the hallway and entrance-area are made of limestone from Jämtland, both because it’s elegant, but also because it can handle the strains of hard boots and sharp-edged skis.

The kitchen has pine cabinets and countertops in exclusive limestone from Jämtland. There’s a brass sink and the embedded kitchen appliances are delivered by Miele.

The floor in the bathroom is made of limestone from Jämtland, while the walls have white, smooth tiles in a classic and timeless pattern.

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Idet Fjällby Mobil App

Make yourself feel at home in the ski lift with our app.

The goal is that Idet Fjällby will become the world’s first self-sufficient mountain village. The idea is to buy wind power from locale suppliers and utilize a battery park supplied by the innovative minds of Tesla.

In this project, we’re working with a team from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm – to make sure that we’re building the homes of tomorrow, today.

One of the advantages of this cooperation is an app that gives you full control over your home, either when you’re travelling there or when you’re on the slopes.

The app lets you:

  • regulate the temperature in your home
  • turn on and off the sauna in your home
  • regulate the lighting in your home

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