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Sales process and time schedule

The housing units are being sold as whole estates. The ”smart cabin” provides a unique accommodation opportunity for a reasonable price. By choosing either a “medium sized-” or a ”large cabin”, you can also rent out parts of it, or all of it, when you’re not there.

Booking appointment

You order a housing unit, or real estate shares. After this, you will be charged with an ordering fee of 50.000 Swedish kroner.


The construction starts and the order-agreement will be updated to a pre-agreement. The purchase is now binding. This will in all probability happen during the summer of 2018.

Sales contract

The pre-agreement will then be updated to a sales contract. The housing unit you’ve purchased is underway, and you pay 10% of the total sum. The original ordering fee will be calculated towards the down-payment, which starts in the fall of 2018.


You pay the remaining 90% of the sum and you take over your purchased housing unit. The first cabins are expected to be ready from the winter of 2018/2019 and consecutively ahead.

Big Cabin

Smart Cabin

Do you want to be a part of the mountain village of the future?

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